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Husky park Lovozero

Cute huskies, reindeer and the magic of the winter forest are waiting for you in the largest Husky Park on the Kola Peninsula.

Тур Husky park Lovozero


Cute huskies, reindeer and the magic of the winter forest are waiting for you in the largest Husky Park on the Kola Peninsula.



We would like to invite you to the biggest kennel with marathon sleigh dogs on the Kola peninsula. You will see dogs, which live there and are trained to run more than 100 km a day! Our journey starts with the sledge ride on snowmobiles through the forest. After this in a cozy chum you will be offered tea and traditional baking.

After listening to the stories and getting some information about Siberian huskies you will have an opportunity to play with friendly and funny dogs. You will also meet the reindeers and have a ride on a reindeer sledge.

Tour program

The guide picks you up at your accommodation in Murmansk on the pre-agreed time.

Arrival to the Husky Park.

In Husky Park is waiting for you:

  • more than 40 magnificent tender Siberian Huskies;
  • fascinating stories about the history of these dogs;
  • feeding reindeer;
  • thousands of hectares of pine forest around;
  • ride on a snowmobile sleigh;
  • sleigh rides in dog sledding;
  • reindeer sledge ride;
  • a whole world filled with the love and tenderness of northern animals;
  • hot lunch and tea table;
  • solid team of people who are infinitely loyal to their work;
  • good mood, vivid impressions and desire to come here again.

The end of the program. Departure to Murmansk.

Tour specifics

The group tour is conducted with at least 3 persons in the group.

The tour is available for both groups and individuals.

Tour duration is 4-4,5 hours (depends on weather and condition of the road).

We pick you up from hotel/apartments.

Transfer: passenger car for small groups (1-4 people), mini- and midibusses for large groups.

The one-way travel time to the Husky Park in winter is 2 hours. The travel time can increase because of the weather or the road.

The program in the park lasts for 3-3.5 hours.

This is the outdoor tour. Please dress warmly.

The price includes

  • Transfer;
  • Experienced tour guides;
  • Lunch;
  • Reindeer and dog sledging;
  • Phots in national costumes.


The cost for one person in a group tour – 8.500 rubles.

The individual trip 25.000 rubles per car (up to 4 people)

Discount for children – 1.000 rubles.

10% discount for groups from 8 people (doesn’t apply to the New Year holidays period)

Age: 5+

Additional information


Dog sledding, Ride a deer, Playing with reindeer, Playing with huskies

Подходит для

Age 5+

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One day tours

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