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Mysterie of the Seydosero lake

We invite you to the tour from the Lovozero mountain range to the Seydozero lake - the sacred Sami lake, which is considered to be the place where the special energy zone is located!

Тур Mysterie of the Seydosero lake


We invite you to the tour from the Lovozero mountain range to the Seydozero lake – the sacred Sami lake, which is considered to be the place where the special energy zone is located!



Seydyavr or “lake of mountain spirits” is located in the Lovozero tundra mountain range and is known as a mystical place. It is believed that this is one of the main “places of power” in Russia, as well as the cradle of Hyperborea, an ancient civilization that has disappeared. Rumor has it that under the mountain on the banks of the Seydozero lake, the ancient city of Sami shamans is hidden from the eyes of people.

Nowadays the Seydozero lake is a protected area. It is of interest not only from the historic point of view, but it also has the unique microclimate that has formed here due to its location. Here marshy mosses are interspersed with Ivan tea and ferns, which grow into full human growth. A huge vareity of flora of the protected area is waiting for you: “drunk” trees, as if twisted by a giant, birches, pines and spruce.

During the tour you will see one of the main attractions of this place – Kuyva – an image of natural origin about 70 meters high. According to the Sami legend, Kuyva is a giant who lived in ancient times in the Lovozero tundra. He robbed and killed the Sami, that is why he was later killed by the Sami pagan gods – “burned by lightning that struck from the waters of the lake.” A trace on the rock remained from his burnt body.

Tour program

Our guide picks you up from your place. The tour starts early in the morning.

Transfer on the route Murmansk – Lovozero.

In the village of Lovozero safety instruction is provided. Then we board a boat and drive from Lake Lovozero to Lake Seydozero. Then we walk to Seydozero (2.4 km), where you will have time to take photos with the famous Kuyva rock on the background and listen to the mysterious legend about the origin of Seydyavr – the “lake of mountain spirits”.

Active walk


Return by boat to Lovozero.

Transfer to Murmansk.

Tour specifics

The group tour is conducted with at least 3 persons in the group.

The tour is available for both groups and individuals.

Duration: 10 hours.
The travel time may increase due to weather and road conditions.

The tour includes traveling both by car and on foot.

Early departure: 07:00 a.m.

We pick you up from the hotel/apartment in Murmansk.

Transport: passenger cars for a group of 1-4 people, minibuses.

Please take with you warm, waterproof clothes, comfortable shoes and mosquito repellents.

The price includes

  • Transfer (car, boat);
  • Guide services;
  • Lunch.


The cost for one person in a group tour – 7.000 rubles.

The cost for one person in a group from 6 people – 5.000 rubles.

The individual trip is 22.500 rubles per car (up to 3 people)

Discount for children – 500 rubles.

10% discount for groups from 8 people.

Age: 10+

Additional information


Walk on the lake

Подходит для

Age 10+

Тип тура

One day tours

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